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Public Works


The Public Works Department is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the city's infrastructure. Services include but are not limited to: storm drain (528 total drains) maintenance; street (185 blocks of streets) and sidewalk maintenance; emergency response for snow and ice, flood, severe weather mitigation; maintenance of city facilities; mowing; code enforcement abatement; sanitation; and oversight of city projects. 

The Department sponsors and supports several programs and services to city property owners and residents. The annual "Spring Clean Up" , "Paint Pick-Up" , and "Leaf Pick-Up" are three programs which greatly benefit the citizens of the city.  

​Street Light Outage Report (last reported July 2, 2024)

The following street lights have been identified and reported to KU for maintenance (marked with YELLOW tags).

Stone Trace Drive (6 lights are out) 

399 Silver Lake Drive

269 Evans Drive

537 Garden Springs Drive

140 Tamarix Drive (sits on Juniper Court)

1009 Ashlyn Drive

1113 Sierra Court​

Main Street (between Downtown Athletic Club and Enterprise Car Rental)

13 Denby Place (back entrance to Berryman's)

100 East High Street

City Lot #2 (Utility pole behind City Hall)

121 Harrison Avenue

213 Harrison Avenue

129 Willow Street

210 Montgomery Avenue

24 Maysville Avenue

Corner of Collier Way & Swiss Stone Way

51 Estill Terrace

420 Darley Creek

419 S Queen Street

Corner of By-Pass and Levee Road

Corner of Willin Way & Tighlman Way

​All total, the city has 909 street lights in our inventory. Report all street light outages to Public Works at (859) 498- 8744 between 8AM-4PM, or submit a notification online below.

City Repaving and Sidewalk Schedule 2019-2024 

The Mayor and City Council are committed to making significant investments​ in our infrastructure. You can review the street repaving schedule here: Repaving Schedule 2024.pdf​ . We are also committed to replacing sidewalks which present significant trip or slip hazards. Many of those are older slate sidewalks, which can become slick during wet weather conditions. We've started at our city center (Main Street and Maysville Street intersection) and are working our way out from there. You can view our sidewalk replacement plan here: City sidewalk projects (SLATE OR HAZARD).pdf   2024 IDENTIFIED SIDEWALK PROJECTS.pdf

Traffic Count Study (ongoing)

​Ever wonder how many vehicles travel on your street every week? The City of Mount Sterling has been conducting traffic counts on various streets since 2021. You can view the latest counts here: ​Traffic Counter Counts as of May 2024.pdf The state of Kentucky also maintains counts on state maintained roadways and on selected city streets. You can view that map here: Traffic Counts (

Frequently asked Questions

Who takes care of curbs in the city? Curbs are considered part of the street and a portion of the right-of-way. The city is responsible for curb maintenance on city streets only.  

Who takes care of the sidewalks in the city? The property owner has responsibility to maintain a safe sidewalk adjacent to their property. The sidewalk is to remain at the established grade, be in good working order and be free of ice, snow, earth, obstructions, etc. Property owners are responsible for any sidewalk repairs. 

What is a Right-of-Way? Right-of-Way is the city-owned strip of land from the edge of the street back several feet. Its purpose is to allow the city to build and maintain the street, curb and gutter, storm sewers and possibly underground utilities. This land is the responsibility of the landowner but the city has the right to determine what takes place there. A right-of-way may include curbs, sidewalks and utilities. 

Who is responsible for sight obstructions? Landscaping is the responsibility of the property owner. Landowners need to ensure that trees, bushes and other landscaping do not interfere with a driver's safe view of the streets. 

What is a utility easement? Utility easements are areas where a utility has permission to enter a property to mark or maintain utility lines. A utility easement may or may not be in the right-of-way. 

Who helps keep our city clean? To prevent accidents or further accumulation, Public Works does pick up trash dumped illegally on right-of-ways, clears tree limbs blocking the road and removes signs illegally posted in right-of-ways, but it is every resident's responsibility to help keep our city tidy and presentable. If you catch someone dumping illegally, please call City Hall immediately.

I Wish To Put a Dumpster In Front of My Property

dumpster ordinance.pdf

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Nathan Boston, Director
Public Works
110 Willow Street
Mt. Sterling, KY 40353
(859) 498-8744