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Boards and Commissions

​Planning & Zoning Commission

Chair - Ray Robertson

City Planner - Rob Selin

J.D. Williams

Arthur Douthitt

Linda Jackson

James Webb

Rodney Jones

David Shepherd

Boards Of Adjustments

Chair- John McCracken

Teresa Potts

Tom Brown

Dave Evans

Doug Back

Code Enforcement Board

Chair- Stacey Broders

Mary Alice Duff

Brenda Ralls

Jim Stephens

Linda Nelson

Airport Board

Tom Cannon

Gary Cockrell

Tom McCormick

Chair - Catesby Woodford

Bill Pirchel

Robert Reynolds

Industrial Authority

Duke Martin

Tony Fritts

Jody Oney

Ed Razor

Gail Wright

Chair - Spears Stilz


Ron Kratzier

Chair - Bert May

John Crouch

Kathy Montgomery

Scott Hardy

Shannon Stull

Toni Manconi-Pitts

Ethics Board

Victoria Bayer

Peggy Coburn

Jim McCarty

Brenda Maples

Moon Cassidy

Water & Sewer Commission

Cecil Tuttle

Sally Purvis

Chair - Dennis Bonfield

Tim Hernandez

Gina Brien

Housing Authority

Gilbert Berryman

Pam Henderson

Betty Staton

Suzanne Perry

Recreation Commission


Shelly Williams

Jason Oney

James Davis

David Charles

Mark Steger

James Willoughby

Board Of Assessments

Al Blevins

Bessie Brown

Buck Prewitt

Sharon Stapleton

911 Board

Laura Tipton

Terry Johnson

Chief Terry Landrum

Greg Beam

Jason Oney

Ralph Charles

Sherriff David Charles

Gateway Area Development

Taunya Jones- Citizen Member




​When To Attend:

Planning & Zoning Meetings

Meets the 2nd Monday of each month 6:30 p.m. @ City Hall Council Chambers.

Board Of Adjustments Meetings

Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month 2 p.m. @ City Hall Council Chambers.

Code Enforcement Board Meetings

Meets the 2nd Thursday Of each month 4 p.m. @ City Hall Council Chambers.

Airport Board

Meets first Thursday of every month.  7pm @ Mt.Sterling/Montgomery Co Airport Administration Bldg.

Industrial Authority 

Meets the first Monday of every month 3pm @ Industrial Authority/Chamber Office (N Maysville Rd).


Meets second Monday of every month @ 6:30 pm Tourism Office (N Maysville Rd).

Ethics Board

TBA.  Meet as required.

Water & Sewer Commission

Meets the third Monday of the month @ 7 pm Mt Sterling  Water and Sewer office.

Housing Authority

Meets quarterly. Contact Director Saundra Huff at (859) 498-5592 for more information.  

Recreation Commission

Meets the Third Friday of every Month @ 12 pm. Contact Director Patrick Manning at (859) 498-8728 for more information. 

Board Of Assessments

Meets as required.

911 Board

Meets The 4th Tues day of every Month @ 911 Center in the Industrial Park.

Gateway Area Development

Meets The Fourth Tuesday of every month 10 AM @ Gateway ADD. Contact Director Josh Farrow at (606)780-0090.