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Boards and Commissions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Planning & Zoning Commission

Chair - Ray Robertson

City Planner - Rob Selin

City Engineer - Collin Ray

Tony Tipton

Arthur Douthitt

Jeff Dombroskas​

Eugene Caston

​David Shepherd

Jason McCormick

Board Of Adjustment

Chair- John McCracken

Teresa Potts

Booker T George Jr.

Dave Evans

Doug Back

Code Enforcement Board

Chair- Stacey Chambers Broders

Shannon Patrick

Brenda Ralls

David Willoughby​​

Linda Nelson

Airport Board

Chair - Catesby Woodford

Tom Cannon

Gary Cockrell

Tom McCormick

Bill Pirchel

Robert Reynolds

Industrial Authority

Chair - Spears Stilz

Duke Martin​​

Reza Hashampour​

Patrick Lager

Gail Wright

Barry Frazier


Eric Arnold

Melodie Fuller

Chris Follett

Kathy Montgomery

Justin Cockrell

Shannon Stull

Cassandra Reed

Ethics Board

Victoria Beyer - city appointment

Water & Sewer Commission

Chair - Tom Brown

Sally Purvis

Barry Tonning

Tim Hernandez

Laura Grayson

Housing Authority

Catherine Blair

Pam Henderson

Betty Staton

Suzanne Perry

Recreation Commission

Greg Waters

Shelly Williams

Lindsay Rison Maples​

​James Davis

Richard Fuller

Mark Steger

Sallie Razor

Board Of Assessments

Omar Prewitt - city appointment

911 Board

Laura Tipton

Jimmy Daniels

Chief Terry Landrum

Greg Beam

Tommy Parker

Mike Mosbey

Sheriff David Charles

Gateway Area Development

Taunya Jones- Citizen Member




​When To Attend:

Planning & Zoning Meetings

Meets the 2nd Monday of each month 6:30 pm @ City Hall Council Chambers.

Board Of Adjustment Meetings

Meets the 2nd Monday of each month 2 pm @ City Hall Council Chambers.

Code Enforcement Board Meetings

Meets the 2nd Thursday Of each month 4 pm @ City Hall Council Chambers.

Airport Board

Meets first Thursday of every month.  5:30pm @ Mt.Sterling/Montgomery Co Airport Administration Bldg.

Industrial Authority 

Meets the first Monday of every month 3pm @ Industrial Authority/Chamber Office (N Maysville Rd).


Meets second Monday of every month @ NOON. Tourism Office (N Maysville Rd).

Ethics Board

TBA.  Meet as required.

Water & Sewer Commission

Meets the third Monday of the month @ 7 pm Mt Sterling  Water and Sewer office.

Housing Authority

Meets quarterly. Contact Director Saundra Huff at (859) 498-5592 for more information.  

Recreation Commission

Meets the Third Tuesday of every Month @ NOON. Contact Director Patrick Manning at (859) 498-8728 for more information. 

Board Of Assessments​

Meets as required.

911 Board

Meets The 4th Tuesday of every Month @ 2pm in 911 Center/ Industrial Park.

Gateway Area Development

Meets The Fourth Tuesday of every month 10 AM @ Gateway ADD. Contact Director Josh Farrow at (606)780-0090.