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FY 2020-2021 Budget

The Mount Sterling City Council has approved the budget for the coming year (July 2020 to June 2021).  2021 CITY BUDGET.pdf . Contact City Hall at (859) 498-8725 if you have any questions. 

Property Tax Notice

NOTICE TO ALL CITY PROPERTY OWNERS - The tax rate for 2020 is hereby fixed, at $0.24 on each $100 of all REAL property; $0.30 on each $100 of all PERSONAL property; and $0.75 on each $100 on all real property deemed ABANDONED by the City Code Enforcement Board. All taxes levied herein shall be used for the general expenses of the city. All unpaid taxes on 1/1/2021 shall be attached and collected in the manner provided by law a penalty of 10% thereof, and said unpaid taxes, together with the said penalty, shall bear interest at the rate of 6% per annum for bills from 1/1/2021, until paid. It is also stated that all tax bills amounting to $1.00 or less be exonerated and a 5% discount on all tax bills paid by 11/30/2020, and all tax bills collected December 1-31, 2020 be collected at face value. 

Tax bills will be mailed out in the last week of October 2020. 

For your convenience tax bills and paid receipts can be obtained online @

Notification of Publication of Delinquent Taxes: In accordance with KRS 424.130 a list of the 2019 City of Mt. Sterling uncollected delinquent property taxes appeared in the June 11, 2020 publication of the Mt. Sterling Advocate.

This list is also available for reference here: Delinquent Tax List 2019.pdf 


The City Council has approved a change to the fees for business licenses within the city limits (Ordinance 13-2019). Any business or business entity engaged in any occupation, trade, profession, or other business activity conducted for gain or profit in the City, except those activities that qualify as a transient business, shall obtain a business license. The fee for those licenses shall be 1) $50 for Full Time (January-December) and 2) $25 for Part Time or Occasional. Contact City Hall at (859) 498-8725 if you have any questions. ORDINANCE 13-2019 BUSINESS LICENSE REQUIREMENT AND FEE.pdf

Business license application - BUSINESS LICENSE AS OF 02282020.pdf

** LATE FEEs now apply for business licenses. The new fees are as follows (effective March 1, 2020). These rates are fixed at the current rate due to the local State of Emergency dated March 14, 2020.



The following businesses have not obtained/renewed Business License for 2020:  2020 Delinquent Business License as of September 11 2020.pdf

"HEALTHY AT WORK" guidelines for reopening the economy can be found HERE


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