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City Council Agendas

​City Council Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the meeting scheduled January 21st, 2020 @7PM is listed below. 

Meeting agenda:

  1. Call meeting to order.

  2. Pledge of allegiance.

  3. Prayer.

  4. Approve December 17th, 2019 council meeting minutes.

  5. December 2019 financial reports.

  6. Public Comment: Richard Henderson

  7. Department Head/Committee Reports

  8. Re-Appointment Arthur Douthitt to the Planning and Zoning Commision. 

  9. Appoint Greg Waters to Parks and Recreation Board. 

  10.   Acceptance of Zoning Map for the City of Mount Sterling

  11.  1st Reading of Ordinance 1-2020: Building Permit Fee Schedule

  12. 1st Reading of Ordiannce 2-2020: Zone change for 425 N Maysville Street from R-1 to P-1.

  13.  Resolution R1-2020: KIA Infrastructure Authority Assistance Agreement

  14.  Resolution R2-2020: Sale and Award of franchise agreement to Columbia Gas Company

  15.  Resolution R3-2020: KIA Infrastructure Authority Assistance Agreement

  16.  Closed session (KRS 61.810) as required

  17.   Adjourn