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Court Days

October Court Days

Initiated in the 18th Century, Court Day quickly became the annual trading day for much of Eastern Kentucky and still is today. Mount Sterling delights in this over 210+ year tradition when approx. 100,000 people from all parts of the country gather for the four-day event.  Always starting on the Friday before the third Monday in October, Court Day specializes in many different arts and crafts, food and music.  We invite you to come be a part of our Court Day Festival. Court Day Picture 1.jpg

Got something special you’d like to sell? We would love to have your unique crafts, antiques, or one of a kind specialty items become the most desirable thing at court day! We still have vendor spaces available! 

To Become A Vendor 

Call us here @ City Hall (859) 498-8725

Pricing for a 10’ x 18’ spot is a one time total of $150! That's a one time price for the entire weekend. For a 10’ x 20’ space it is $250.  Also special pricing on Locust St. frontage and corner spaces available. (See below map for space locations)


For more info or questions please contact Steven Tuttle at City Hall 859-498-8725. Or email any questions to  Make Payment to City Of Mt Sterling:  33 North Maysville St, Mount Sterling Ky 40353. 

X = Rented
_ = Space reserved awaiting payment
/ = deposit paid awaiting full payment
please note--map may not reflect current status.  Please call Steven Tuttle @ City Hall 859-498-8725 for up to date availability. (Last updated 3.1.19)


sept 24 2019 court day map.jpg

For Hotel info visit

Mt. Sterling Tourism - Hotel Information

Camper / RV space availability

Call Steven Tuttle @ City Hall 859-498-8725.


  • $150.00 for a 10'x18' space.
  • $250.00 for corner space or a 20'x10' space.


This Year's Court Day will begin on Friday October 18th -October 21st.

Set Up time for vendors begins Thursday October 17th ONLY after 5pm!

court day locust st views.jpg